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Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Lying-Down Room by Anna Jaquiery

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An intriguing crime novel that draws you in         My rating:  4/5

It is a hot summer in Paris, in the recent past. The detective Morel, and his team, are racing against time to find the murderer of an old woman. The plot quietly draws you in as the author develops the characters, some of which made me smile with recognition; others reminding me of less pleasant characters in life. There are many aspects of the storyline that will start you wondering – how are the victims chosen, why is the crime scene left as it is, is the chief suspect really as strange as he is depicted? Added to this Morel’s private life provides a welcome backdrop to the main story.
The Paris tourist will gain little detail of the city from the book, however the setting adds a Parisian charm and bustle to the novel. The forays into Russia are integral to the plot, and very interesting, but their purpose is not to draw a picture of that land.
Jaquiery’s narrative style is easy to read, and at times amusing. Although there are a few sentences in this debut novel which I found a little confusing, they do not detract from the book as a whole. The author avoids gore in her crime scene descriptions, however skilfully draws a scenario for your imagination to work on.
I thoroughly enjoyed this gripping book, and thought about the plot and characters whilst going about my everyday life. I shall definitely be reading future books in the Morel series.

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