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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Twitter for Writers by Rayne Hall

Essential Reading for Twitter Users                                       My Rating5 out of 5
(Writers and non-Writers)

This books shows you how to get the best out of Twitter, with recommendations on what to do and what not to do, plus useful time saving hints.

Chapters are divided into easy to use sections, such as "The Basics"and "Advanced Strategies".  There is plenty of space within the pages to jot down notes, and the typeface is quite large which makes it very user-friendly, especially if you are using it as a guide whilst implementing the suggestions online. 

NB:   A marker pen is essential, if reading a paper format of this book, to highlight all the useful information that you will want to refer to again.  There is a lot of it!   There is no index at the back (though there is a useful glossary of terms).

Using Twitter over the last 5 months has significantly increased my blog viewings, ,  but I needed  some better understanding of how Twitter really works.  I am not a "Writer", but nearly every chapter in this book is full of information and suggestions  which I have found really relevant and useful to me - sites to help speed up the Tweeting process, how to spot fake Twitter accounts, staying safe and so much more is all included.  There are a couple of chapters specific to book writers which I skipped.    

In the week since I have bought this book I have taken up loads of Rayne Hall's suggestions, and now have a list of others great ideas to look into.  Fantastic!  Thank you Rayne. 

I strongly recommend this book if you are a Twitter user, or thinking of using Twitter (and the price is fantastic!).  I wish I had read it before now.  Come and say hello to me on Twitter @EmmabBooks

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