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Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Ice Twins by SK Tremayne

 Gripping  Page Turner                    My rating:  5/5

Tragedy takes one of the twins, and the remaining family move to Scotland to start afresh.  But uncertainty follow them.

A great story, that keeps you guessing to the end, with lots of opportunity to wonder  "what would I do in that situation".   There are only a few main characters, who are well portrayed and easy to follow; the mother of the twins is grippingly portrayed.  The story starts in London, but quickly moves to Scotland, where the story takes place over the space of a month. 

Starting afresh living on an island in Scotland is depicted well -  both the upsides and the considerable downsides.  For a tourist looking for a getaway holiday this is the place to be. 

 I enjoyed the book from beginning to end - and didn't find it scary (fine to read at bedtime).  It has a clear ending, and throughout kept me wanting to read "just a bit more". 

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